Some frequently questions answered:

General Questions

What Branches Beside The Nautic You Work Mostly With?
A good question! Its important to ensure that an agency understands your line of business.
Our main company based in Hong Kong covers since 2000 various activities all over the world in various languages with free colaborators.
To mention a few:
Nautical Business (Organizers and Exhibitors of Yacht Fairs, Shipyards, Yacht Charter, Jetski Charter, Yacht Sales, Jetski Sale)
Leisure Business (Tourism, Sports, Fitness in port cities)
StartUps Companies looking for investors through Crowdfunding and Venture Capital campaigns
Property Business
Lifestyle Luxury Products
Coaching Trainers, Seminars
Tech New Products, StartUps
Food Healthy Ecological Food, Wine
Health Medicine, Beauty Farms, Cosmetic Products etc.
This inhouse experience gave us a good base of flexibility regarding branches and teamwork skills when acting in various languages.
Means we are generally open to discuss with any branch on how we can collaborate.

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Do You Provide References?
For most of our clients we work wearing a so called “white label” hat. Means we act behind the scenes or as part of their existing marketing team.
This maintains the brand integrity of our clients and ensure all aspects of our campaign are aligned with only their brand and business.

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Can You Act Just As A Consultant To Our Existing Team?
We are used to act as an consultant to improve and update your existing plan or offer you alternatives.
We also
advise or
current teams to get the most out of their work and your marketing activities.

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What About Budgets And Prices?
We have for each branch different needs, so all our campaigns and services are tailored to each client´s branch.
And we tell you precisely what you are paying for and what you will get for your money.

Generally we work with non binding agreements so you don´t have to commit yourself to pay a retainer.

For several branches we have some starter packages.
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Public Relations

What Makes A Good PressRelease?
The worst thing we see very often is that clients or even agencies simply take your PressRelease, mail it or post it to various social networks.

Think about, how you will convince a journalist or blogger to use your PressRelease for an amazing article with lots of clicks expected by distributing the same content for the public. – Won´t work successful!

That´s why we work out a second PressRelease with 200-400 words containing compressed information and some insides which are not mentioned in the official one. Furthermore we use additional content for a selected group we are engaged with through our SocialMedia´s.

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How Do I Get Attention Of Journalists Or Bloggers?
Main stream magazines with high-circulation or high-onlinetraffic are deluged with PressReleases so you must come up with something really eye-catching to make them publish it.
Do not waste too much time on those, concentrate more of niche publications.

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Which Format Of A PressRelease You Suggest?
The time to print PressReleases with a doble line space etc. are gone. But as you can see in this example you have to make the work for the journalist of your text easy. In the online world this means:
Don´t send PressReleases with formatations like Word documents or formated Emails. Think about the copy and past effect. Better to use PDF files when you want to deliver layouted content. And much more better to add a TXT file with the unformated content to make copy and past easy.
Certainly you have to add photos. But use small and handy resolutions with a link in the content for a better quality. Don´t forget to mention who holds the copyright.
We have quite a lot experience at the other side. Running 8 print news magazines years ago and now maintaining 5 online magazines fills up our mailboxes with lots of PressReleases.
Here we give you an example:
And the truth is, we cannot publish everything! So don´t be surprised!
We choose the best topic with the best content and most handy layout to make our work easier.

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How Often Should I Send PressReleases?
As with any form of marketing, PublicRelation works best when your name is seen on a regular basis.
Since not every PressRelease is going to be published, this means that you must have a strategy of sending out maybe two or three a month, depending on how serious your intentions are.

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What Follow-Up Actions Are Advisable After Sending Out A PressRelease?
You won´t make friends mailing or phoning them to check whether they are going to publish your release. Just find a reason for contacting, such as when there is a new twist to the original story, or because some additional information has come to light.

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Social Media

We Have A Lot Of Followers, But No Business With Them. What You Can Do?

Your Landing Page should include:
Create a memorable header
Present some legitimate reasons why you are better
Use an eye-catching image
Make an attractive, big button which encourages action
Use customer testimonials
Connect your page with multiple SocialMedia tools
Include an affiliate function
Think about a Language support
This could be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have coding or layout experience. And for someone just starting out its better to use a professional service.

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We have a technical department .
offering safe HOSTING, quick DOMAIN registration, responsive WebDesign, OnlineCoaching and most without monthly payments.

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Does Your Agency Manage Online Advertising And Marketing?

Yes and No! There are lots of variations constructing a landing page. Here one example that a Landing Page is not always a Landing Page:

There is by example a difference between SEM Landing Pages and SEO Landing Pages. The difference could probably noticed through the name:
SEM Landing Pages are advertised through AdWords and therefore are also structured differently.
SEO Landing Pages are optimized for Search Engines to let them grow through their Keywords.
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I Am Not Happy With My Website, You Offer Services?

We have a technical department .

Beside Social Media Management they concentrate on Web Services like
quick DOMAIN registration
responsive WebDesign
Landing Pages
… and most without monthly payments.
Means, you can get all services from one hand!

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