With KYC & AI against Casino money laundering

To prevent money laundering through casinos the latest data collection systems and artificial intelligence are assisting gaming operators and financial authorities.

The introduced robotic process automation technology combines two technologies. Know Your Client (KYC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning systems with advanced pattern detection.


AI is still in development but it is expected that machine learning will involve the ability to look closer what the patterns of true financial crimes are. A simple example: pulling chips out and not cashing them back in.

The discussions with the gaming companies are quite the same as years ago with the banking sector.

For casinos it becomes important to prevent anti-money laundering (AML) because of the pressure of authorities. A topic that also affects the opening of nauticproperty.com/tag/novotown
Novotown, an integrated tourism and entertainment project in Hengqin Zhuhai, south of Macau (China).

At the moment according to Associate Professor John Langdale of the Department of Security Studies and Criminology Macau and Hong Kong are major facilitators for transnational crime money laundering.

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